Friday, 22 July 2011

Friday update ...

A few things on a Friday.

Firstly, I've written a small piece on about and the various mechanisms for querying and retrieving data, also mirrored on our FAQ. May be of interest to those in the Discovery developer competition.

Development work is all but done, so we've also published the application framework code behind on the code page. This PHP based site provides a lightweight approach to RDF publishing and makes a great starting / exploration point for libraries wanting to publish data as a RDF.
More details and a read-me are available on the code page. As with all our output, its provided 'as-is' under a GPL, but we welcome feedback.

As the COMET deadline approaches next week, we are still working to release as much data as we can. Sadly, we are still waiting on final confirmation from some external bodies. As such we will work to publish and republish data using existing tools throughout the following year, as we can.

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